Labyrinth as healing

Following the pathway to the centre of the labyrinth I release the heaviness I feel in my heart. With each step I inhale more deeply allowing my body to relax, feeling my weight drop into the earth. Gradually a sense of calm moves in as the threads of care drop away returning me to my intention for this walk, walking as a healing offering.

The healing is always for me, even if I think it is for someone else as in this case when my original intention was for a beloved family member. We have all been touched by cancer, and in my family I am a blessed survivor while others were not so fortunate, and here it is again, up close and uncomfortable in the life of one I hold close in my heart. I’ve returned to a labyrinth that has met my footsteps many times. Located beside the Unitarian church on West Saanich road, a simple turf construction marked by bricks on a hillside overlooking a peaceful rural scene of wetlands and farms.



There is beauty in this place, the rugged dry grasses contrasting with the lush green, bright white daisies, yellow dandelions with pollen for the bees, young self seeded yarrow plants.  Butterfly crosses my path, dragonfly parallels my walking. A prayer comes:

may my dear one find serenity
may he find peace
may grace travel with him
may he be loved
may he find acceptance on his path
may he know care
may disease be gentle with him
may ease be with him
may he be touched by the divine
may he know his time to enter into the worlds beyond

My thoughts turn to his beloved partner, caring loving one and I understand that I am to stay close alongside as they make this journey together.

I receive offerings from the path, feathers to lift my dear one lightly beyond earthly cares, maple seed for his partner to carry their memories into the future.



At the centre I breathe in light and life through the power of the elements air, fire, water and earth, offering on my outbreath radiant healing energy for all beings seen and unseen in the multiverse.

My transition from the labyrinth down to the gravel parking area offers just one more gift, a small lizard surprised at my presence as much as I am to see it. We both stand as statues for some time, observing each other until as I lean down to try for a close-up it vanishes down a hole in the concrete.


So it was that I, gifted in so many ways by this place on the traditional territory of the W_sáneć people, made my way home, blessed by the healing pathway of the labyrinth.


2 thoughts on “Labyrinth as healing

  1. Walking the path of our own lives and being alongside the path of so many others is a combination of ease, beauty, struggle and pain. Your 2 news blogs reflect these with great care. Love seeing all the labyrinths in your new home region of Victoria


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