Turning through the seasons Spring and Early Summer

A banquet of colour, texture, and tone the turning of the seasons in my new Victoria home offered a feast for my eyes and my camera. Spring in Victoria is spectacular I discovered camas meadows, Garry Oaks showing off their bright green leafing, bearded iris and roses in the gardens at Government House, poppies and cherry blossoms in my James Bay neighbourhood, and the brilliant colours of spring in all the carefully tended well loved gardens.

IMG_2633Camas meadow Uplands park at Cattle Point

IMG_2731Garry Oaks newly leaf for spring

IMG_2808Bearded iris a regal plant

IMG_2832Happy bees in simple single rose

IMG_2825Government House roses sweet apricot scent

IMG_2907James Bay community gardens

At home in Victoria the ocean offers morning views from Ogden Point breakwater walk and beach times with my best four-legged friend Bruce. I live in a beautiful neighbourhood full of gardens, bursting with flowers and food. June holds an annual treat when I visit Yellow Point Lodge near Ladysmith with a particular group of friends who gather every year deepening bonds of friendship and love.

IMG_2836Tugs and pilot boats at the ready cruise season looms

Spring kelp beds shimmer in shades of turquoise beside Ogden Point breakwater

Sunday Walking with Dad, Ogden Point, Victoria


IMG_2874still pool reflections at Yellow Point lodge

My summer of 2018 has been full of the many things I love about summer. Travel, play, ocean and lake swimming, celebration, connection and reconnection, adventure, laughter, great fresh market food, all of this with the warm sun caressing my shoulders and the gentle summer breezes playing on the water. Living on an island surrounded by islands I spend many happy hours riding BC Ferries through spectacular ocean scenery past idyllic island hideaways.

IMG_2994BC Ferries pride!

A retreat at Loon Lake lodge in June, early morning swims, lunchtime swims and late evening swims, prayerful practices, wisdom teachings, forest walks, deeply caring conversations, nourishing friendships.

DSCF3439healing waters of Loon Lake

DSCF3441within and without deep into the green waters

DSCF3454lake trail



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